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Month: March 2022

Tips and Ideas

How to write a good podcast?

The podcast is a web content very popular with Internet users but also search engines with Google in mind. Indeed, for a few months now, podcasts can be listened to directly from search results! Why a podcast? Podcast is audio content. Just like […]

Podcast Guide

Starting a Podcast: 5 Useful Tips

Do you Want to starting a podcast ? You listen to it regularly and you would like to have your own, but you don’t know where to start? Having a podcast means being able to talk about a subject you are passionate about and […]

Podcast Guide

How to optimize the SEO of your podcast?

Dear podcast creators, to be heard, you must be seen. Long neglected by its algorithms, Google now indexes podcasts in its results, in the form of enriched extracts in carousels. In addition to considering the titles and meta-descriptions, the search engine is […]

Tips and Ideas

6 Tips to Boost Your Podcast Subscriptions

Dear podcasters, you took the microphone to make yourselves heard. However, without listeners, you remain inaudible. It is their number and quality that determines the success of your podcasts. 1. Must Choose the high Quality hosting platform It all starts with the […]