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Dear podcasters, you took the microphone to make yourselves heard. However, without listeners, you remain inaudible. It is their number and quality that determines the success of your podcasts.

1. Must Choose the high Quality hosting platform

It all starts with the hosting platform. She must :

  • Provide the appropriate publishing tools
  • Ensure the hosting (obviously) and the distribution of your podcasts
  • Propose an RSS feed that meets the standards
  • Have a website
  • Provide you with statistics
  • Be a platform that supports you in your development as a producer

As your podcast grows, your host should provide you with a fast and reliable network. As well as bandwidth and flexible storage space that can handle your growth.

There are several free hosting platforms. However, if you really want to grow your audience, you need to think like a pro. It comes down to having enough bandwidth in case one of your episodes goes viral. Otherwise, all these downloads will be interrupted, you will lose listeners and you will not be able to engage in audience acquisition.

2. Invite quality speakers

One of the best ways to boost subscriptions is to interview quality speakers. There is no better than a starred chef in your restaurant to attract customers!

So look for influential people in your field. It could be a professor, a best-selling author, a public figure, a celebrity or simply an expert who knows his subject well.

In any case, the chosen guest must have a large audience in order to increase your audience… and your subscriptions.

3. Optimize the description for SEO

To boost subscriptions, your podcast must be visible and findable on the web. This can be done using:

  • Key words searched by your target.
  • A catchy title that asks an essential question.
  • A description that makes you want to know more.

A podcast that appears on the first page of Google is obviously going to attract more new listeners than one that appears beyond page 3. Similarly, it must also occupy a good place on your hosting platform.

The key is to optimize your show for both typical Google searches and hosting platforms. Be careful with your description on all the sites where your podcast is hosted.

The ultimate goal ? Find yourself among the best podcasts anywhere. An objective that requires time and a cocktail of good practices: quality content, SEO optimization and strategic marketing.

Which brings us to the next point…

4. Create a community around the podcast

Are you looking for new listeners? They are on social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube… these platforms are essential for promoting your podcast.

Create a page dedicated to your show on each network where your target is. This allows your audience to come together, discuss the episodes, and really dig deeper into the topics. They will also be informed of your new releases.

Integrate groups of experts and Internet users passionate about your subject. You can even create your own discussion group , linked to your podcast, on Facebook or Linkedin.

Take advantage of these spaces to interact with your listeners and create a real community. Build close relationships, answer questions, lead discussions.

5. Organize contests

Nothing is more attractive than a competition with a prize. For example, ask listeners to leave a comment under your podcast for a chance to win a giveaway.

You can also offer an invitation to your recordings to subscribers who invite their friends to listen to your podcast.

The most important thing is to have fun and get your audience excited, in order to expand your brand awareness.

6. Turn your podcast into a regular fixture

Last tip: turn your podcast into a ritual. The more regular you are, the more you attract new subscribers and retain old listeners.

Consider at least one show per week , it’s your best chance to be visible on the platforms.

However, keep the same day and time slot . The goal is to create a habit in the listener: you must accompany him during a key moment of his day (when he goes to work, during his lunch break, when he does his fitness session, etc.).

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