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The podcast is a web content very popular with Internet users but also search engines with Google in mind.

Indeed, for a few months now, podcasts can be listened to directly from search results!

Why a podcast?

Podcast is audio content. Just like the article or the video, it can boost your SEO but also and above all allow you to convey your message differently.

At a time when Google is showing podcasts in search results, creating and introducing podcasts into your editorial calendar becomes essential.

Podcasts and SEO

If podcasts are beneficial for your SEO, it’s because Google transcribes audio files.

As for a written article, the keywords are analyzed and allow you to enjoy better visibility. This is why a good preparation of a podcast is essential.

Here are a few tips :

  • Choose a theme, a subject and the right people to discuss it. Thus, you will be able to place your keywords without difficulty.
  • During the recording, place your keywords regularly but in a natural way. Also think about secondary keywords. Of course, as when you write, it is recommended not to overuse keywords.
  • Once the posting is possible, think about writing a powerful title and a chapo which takes up the strategic keywords.

Writing a podcast: the steps to success

Step 1: choosing the subject

The first step is therefore to choose a subject. To do this, you can simply refer to your editorial calendar which, if well thought out, will immediately give you an idea of ​​the subject.

You can also learn about the most listened to podcasts and popular topics of the moment. The idea is not to copy a theme but rather to propose a current topic and to link it to your field of activity.

Find the angle, define the keywords and go hunting for speakers who will also be delighted to gain visibility!

Step 2: preparation with stakeholders

Now that you have the theme and the guest(s), you need to prepare the recording. Discuss with your interlocutors the main axes of the podcast and explain the process you have thought of. Is this a debate? Will you ask questions? Will the guests have a moment to talk about themselves and their possible projects? You have to think of everything!

Remember to prepare the people who will participate in the podcast. It is possible that they are stressed by the task. You have to explain to them the course of the podcast without revealing everything to them.

Step 3: recording the podcast

Although you have scripted the podcast, and even if you have thought of everything, on D-Day there will be surprises.

One of the guests may dominate the debate or make inappropriate remarks, on the contrary he may not express himself or even have a fit of coughing. You won’t be able to fully control the event, so instead of worrying, you can anticipate and bounce back in the event of the unexpected.

During the recording place your keywords  ! This is important because once the podcast is finished, you won’t be able to edit it. Of course, you can start the recording over again, but the point is that it is successful the first time and is therefore authentic.

Step 4: operating the podcast

Once the podcast has been recorded, it is imperative to proceed with the editing. Do not hesitate to cut blanks or passages of no interest. It is possible to add a jingle, which will be the same for all podcasts.

You don’t just have to post the audio content, you have to dress it up. As for written content, you have to think about a title, a chapo and a minimum of text. He can introduce the subject and introduce the speakers. It should motivate your audience to listen to the podcast.

We’re thinking about the sequel, and the other podcasts

Did you just make a podcast? The work is not finished. You must upload your audio content on your blog and on social networks. If you choose to put it on listening platforms, you simply have to respect the rules imposed by this medium to the letter.

Once the podcast is aired and most importantly available, one needs to track the number of listeners in order to define the popularity of the program. If there are comments, they must also be analyzed to better understand what worked and what needs to be changed. Don’t forget to promote your podcast with a good content marketing strategy.

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